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Cashino EP-382C thermal receipt kiosk printer is widely used in self-service machines

Cashino EP-382C thermal receipt kiosk printer is widely used in self-service machines

  • 2022-06-07
With the gradual development of science and technology and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, customers' demand for various self-service terminals is increasing.

The traditional cashier counters have been gradually replaced by various self-service machines, the bulky self-service machines in the bank hall have also been replaced by various small queuing machines, and various lightweight self-service machines have also appeared in various public places. Cashino 80mm high-speed slim printer EP-382C model; High speed upgrade, high-speed printing, easy printing at the speed of 200mm per second, compact body; Small volume while ensuring printing speed. This printer is widely used in queuing machines, ordering machines, etc;

80mm high-speed slim printer EP-382C model

In the long-term development process, Cashino has always paid attention to customer needs, provided the best customized solutions for different customer needs, always put service first, and designed and output more and more efficient products for all walks of life for a long time!

Xiamen Cashino Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of thermal printing solution. We specialized in manufacturing thermal receipt printers. If you are interested in thermal printers, please contact us.

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